3 major advantages of laser grading

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Laser Grading is a relatively new technique that uses lasers and receivers to automate the entire process. Although traditional techniques can produce great results when done correctly by time served professionals, there are many advantages to laser grading, including:


Laser grading is much faster than traditional forms of grading, up to 70% quicker in fact! This has obvious advantages when a timescale is in place for building works and can mean it actually costs less overall.


No matter how well-trained someone might be, this system is much more accurate as it eliminates the possibility of human error and works with minuscule, almost non-existent room for error at all. Just an accurate finish guaranteed every time.

Less waste

Laser grading is an incredibly efficient process, which means that less concrete pouring is required than with traditional techniques. Less concrete means less waste and that can result in a lower overall cost. Combine that with the time saved and you’re definitely quids in!

Wonder how it works? Take a look at this video of our team in action:

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