The dangers of a poorly maintained road

Now that Winter has passed and the memory of the cold has started to fade, one thing remains, potholes and damage on the roads, both private and public. Over the last few years there seems to have been more damage than usual as we have suffered through particular frosty winters, which causes the roads to […]


Make the most out of your garden or grounds this Summer

It’s finally happened, Winter has passed and we’re into the Spring months when the weather starts to fine up and we can enjoy the outdoors more. That means one thing for many people, time to get the garden or grounds in order. However, rather than just mowing the grass and tidying up, it might be […]


The advantages of hard landscaping

There are two main types of landscaping you may consider for your property; hard and soft. Hard landscaping, as you might expect, uses materials such as concrete, stone and other non-green materials to create a landscaped outdoor area. Many people prefer to choose hard landscaping over soft for a number of reasons that we’ll outline in […]


Top 5 things to consider when hiring a contractor

Hiring a quality contractor for your construction project is the key to gaining the best possible results. There are a lot of options out there so it can be difficult to choose the right team for the right job. Some contractors can be good but not right for a particular job and sadly others can […]


Why schools should convert to artificial sports pitches

At MJ Davidson, we’ve provided many artificial sports pitches for schools. Each time the client has remarked that they wished they had done it long before and feedback is that the kids absolutely love their new synthetic pitch! There are a number of advantages for schools who have an artificial sports pitch, including: They’re often […]


4 reasons to install a new fence and gate

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, there are lots of reasons you might want to install a new fence and gate. Perhaps the existing fencing has become old and started to rot slightly or maybe the property doesn’t even have any existing fence and gate. Either way, you might want to consider having new […]


The importance of green construction

Environmental sustainability has never been more important than it is right now especially in construction. However, it’s not just the buildings themselves that are being designed to be environmentally friendly, it’s the processes that are used during the construction phase itself.   Minimising disruption to the surrounding environment Site clearance is often the first stage […]


Keeping construction costs as low as possible

When undertaking a new construction process it’s understandable that you would want to keep the costs as low as possible whilst achieving the best results. As a business, at MJ Davidson we always do everything we can to ensure works are carried out to a high quality within our client’s budget. There are a few […]


How 4G and all weather sports pitches can help grassroots football

Grassroots football in the UK is plagued by cancelled games due to adverse weather conditions. In an ideal world pitches would be playable all year round, but the lack of game time and inability to train is having a serious impact on the development of young players. 4G and artificial sports pitches may well be […]


Why professional site clearance is so important

Like all construction projects, it’s important to start works on a solid base and the first step towards that is ensuring that the site is effectively cleared before work can begin. Hiring a specialist company means you’ll have the benefit of speed and efficiency through the use of specialised equipment and vast experience in clearing […]

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Private road pothole problems? Here’s why they need repairing or replacing

Potholes have absolutely blighted the UK over the Winter and there are more potholes than ever on roads all over the country. Of course, it’s not just public roads that are affected and many private roads have also taken a battering! These roads aren’t a concern for the council so if it’s owned privately or […]

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Choosing quotes and why you shouldn’t always be led by price

It’s reasonable to collect a few quotes before hiring a contractor or tradesman of any kind. Quite often though potential clients tend to choose the quote that’s the lowest without taking into account many other details that end up costing them in the long run. Of course, you don’t want to overpay for what you […]


Here’s how effective project management can minimise downtime

At M J Davidson, we are often contracted as project managers for a wide range of large-scale jobs. Understandably, many of our clients want to minimise their downtime as we all know, time is money. Over the years we’ve learned a variety of ways to help our clients stay up and running for as long […]


4 signs of bad drainage and how you can prevent damage

Drainage can be an issue for many properties and grounds, especially in the UK where we often see heavy rainfall! It’s important to ensure that any drainage issues are fixed quickly because if they’re left too long it can cost a lot more money to rectify. The first step is being able to identify when […]

all-weather sports surface construction

Why local football clubs should invest in artificial pitches

Everyone who has ever been involved in grassroots or local football will know that come Winter it’s a nightmare trying to use the pitch. Fixtures are constantly cancelled and training can’t go ahead as it’s too wet or too dark. The answer? Artificial sports pitches. Now, a full-sized 3G pitch is an option, but for […]


Add a new revenue stream to your business with a car park

Private car parks have many benefits for business, such as making life easy for customers and providing a much needed place to park for staff. However, one of the most often overlooked benefits of a private car park is that it can potential add a new revenue stream for your business. Getting started with your […]


4 ways MJ Davidson can help to increase the value of your property

If you own a property, whether commercial or residential it’s likely that you will be concerned with its value, especially ways to increase it. MJ Davidson have a range of services that can help to increase value and curb appeal if you’re preparing a property for sale: #1 – Landscaping The first thing anybody will see […]


Does your property have access issues? Consider constructing a private road

Whether it’s residential or commercial, you may have a property that has pedestrian-only access, which can be an issue for many reasons, including: Receiving deliveries Guests and visitors Lack of parking Safety of vehicles People with disabilities who need vehicular access Of course, it’s not always possible to have access for vehicles, but in many […]


Septic tank issues – Should you repair or replace?

  If your property uses a septic tank you will probably know when something has gone wrong. Often it can be as simple as a strong, unpleasant odour in the area, but it could be as extreme as sewage backing up into the home. Although septic tanks are relatively unsophisticated equipment, there are a number of […]


Not the green-fingered type? Switch to hard landscaping!

For some people, an afternoon spent in the garden tending to the plants and lawn is absolute bliss. However, for others, it can be their idea of hell on earth. If you’re one of the latter then don’t despair, there are plenty of solutions! The switch from luscious greenery can be a hard decision to make […]


4 signs it’s time to replace your driveway

No matter how beautiful your home or property is, if the driveway is in bad shape then it can reduce its overall value and can potentially lead to accidents and damage to vehicles. Recognising when it’s time to replace your driveway is an important first step and any of these 4 signs should let you […]


Here’s why good landscaping can increase property value

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, improving its value is a target for any property owner. There are many ways this can be done and improvements or refurbishments can often increase a properties value by much more than the cost to carry out the works. One such way to improve a properties overall value is […]


The importance of land remediation before construction works

Land remediation plays a critical role in many construction jobs. It’s the process of cleaning up contaminated lands, usually, prior to building works to ensure that groundwater doesn’t become polluted and the area is safe to build on. Ensure that land is free of contaminants is a regulatory requirement before it’s safe and legal to complete […]


6 types of synthetic sports pitches

There are a variety of advantages to choosing a synthetic sports pitch, they’re in use through most seasons including wet weather. Not only that, but they require less maintenance than real grass and they can;t be waterlogged or ruined with overuse. They are an ideal choice for schools, leisure centres and other organisations who require a […]


Tarmacing a private road – Everything you need to know

Not all roads are owned by the local council and quite often at M J Davidson, we find that there is some confusion about what to do when a private road needs tarmacing or maintaining. Tarmacing a private road can be quite complex, so here’s everything you need to know: #1 – Whoever owns the […]


4 ways a car park can help your business

There are many benefits for businesses and organisations to having a dedicated car park constructed. If you’re lucky enough to have the land near by then a car park can prove to be the best investment you ever make. Here are four ways that having a car park can help your business: #1 – Easy […]


What is groundworks?

Quite often there can be some confusion about what exactly groundworks are. It’s understandable as there is a lot of crossover between construction and groundworks, so as groundworks contractors we thought we would attempt to answer the question once and for all. In the simplest of terms, groundworks refers to the preparation of sub-surfaces in […]


3 reasons a secure gate and fence is essential

Whether it’s for a commercial property or in the family home, having a secure, aesthetically pleasing boundary to a property is absolutely essential for a number of reasons. Here are just 3 of them: #1 – Security The fence and gate that surrounds a property is the first line of defence for would be thieves. […]


5 sports that can be played on artificial pitches

Artificial sports surfaces, also known as all-weather sports pitches, have a lot of benefits. The clue is in the title but the major one is that they can be utilised all year round without fear of being bogged down in mud. A popular choice for schools, colleges and university’s due to their versatility and the requirement […]


3 things to look for when searching for a groundwork contractor

Looking for the right contractor to carry out your construction and groundwork needs can be a daunting task. Many people often only look at one aspect of the hiring process, price. Whilst value is always important there are three other things that you should always look for before making a decision. #1 – Testimonials from […]

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3 major advantages of laser grading

Laser Grading is a relatively new technique that uses lasers and receivers to automate the entire process. Although traditional techniques can produce great results when done correctly by time served professionals, there are many advantages to laser grading, including: Speed Laser grading is much faster than traditional forms of grading, up to 70% quicker in […]


Building Yard Safety: Resurfacing

There are a lot of things that can go wrong on an improperly kept building yard and as an employer you are legally obliged to provide a safe working environment. One such issue can be when the surface of the yard becomes potholed and uneven. Typical building yards take a hell of a hammering over […]


4 Reasons Roads Need Regular Maintenance

We don’t need to state the obvious and tell you how important roads are, they’re critical for transport and economy as well as a number of other things. Whether a road is private or public it’s crucial that it isn’t allowed to fall into disrepair for a number of reasons, including: #1 – Accident Prevention […]


4 Ways Ineffective Drainage Can Cost You

Drainage is a factor that can often be neglected in projects, it’s hard to see how useful it is until it’s often too late. Projects completed during the dry summer months which first appeared sound can often start to show issues when the wetter winter months come round. Here are 4 reasons that effective drainage […]


The Importance of Regular Car Park Maintenance

If you or your business is responsible for the running of a car park, it’s essential that you carry out maintenance works from time to time to ensure that you are offering your customers and visitors the best possible place to leave their cars. Here are our top reasons for maintaining your car park: #1 – […]

all-weather sports surface construction

3 Reasons to Convert to an Artificial Sports Surface

At MJ Davidson, we regularly see schools, leisure centres and even professional sports clubs installing state-of-the-art artificial sports pitches. You might be asking yourself, ‘should I switch to an artificial sports pitch?’. There are a number of reasons that many are switching over to an artificial pitch, here are three reasons you should consider it […]