Why professional site clearance is so important


Like all construction projects, it’s important to start works on a solid base and the first step towards that is ensuring that the site is effectively cleared before work can begin. Hiring a specialist company means you’ll have the benefit of speed and efficiency through the use of specialised equipment and vast experience in clearing sites of all shapes and sizes.

What is site clearance?

Simply put, site clearance is the removal of any materials and debris from a site that has been scheduled for construction. It can also include the demolition of any existing structures that need to be removed before new work can begin.

Choosing the same company for demolition and site clearance often results in savings on the total quote and ensures a smooth and hassle-free job that completed on time. There’s also the added advantage of only having to liaise with one company opposed to two or more.

Why is it important to hire professionals?

Many mistakenly think that anyone can clear a site. After all, it’s just moving rubbish, isn’t it? Not at all. A professional outfit will carry out a full survey and strategise on the most effective way to remove the various materials on site.


These sites can be extremely hazardous if untrained or inexperienced in the safe removal of site materials. An unprofessional job can also result in the cleared site being unsafe for the team working on it afterwards should something be overlooked.


It’s critical that impact on the environment and potential contamination is taken into account when clearing a site. Done incorrectly it could result in the pollution of the local area, water supplies and negatively impact the people who live around it as well as any wildlife.

Legal requirements

Should there be an injury on site or a negative impact on the environment then it’s highly likely you could face legal action. If it’s found that proper precautions weren’t taken or a coherent plan put in place this could be indefensible in court. Using a professional firm will ensure that you are covered and give you the peace of mins that all proper measures have been taken.

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