Add a new revenue stream to your business with a car park


Private car parks have many benefits for business, such as making life easy for customers and providing a much needed place to park for staff. However, one of the most often overlooked benefits of a private car park is that it can potential add a new revenue stream for your business.

Getting started with your new car park

If you or your business already own a piece of land that would be ideal for use as a car park then you can put in for planning permission to convert the space. MJ Davidson provide a car park construction service with proven results, take a look at this one we constructed for Lancashire NHS Hospital. However, if you already have a private car park that you are simply failing to monetise, it may be worth freshening it up and simply installing the required technology to take payments.

Of course, if you don’t own land or a car park it might be worth looking to buy some in the nearby area. Depending on your location and the demand for car parking space it could prove to be an incredible investment in the long term. Again, this will likely need resurfacing and constructing to ensure it’s fit for purpose, MJ Davidson can help.


There are a few options for taking payment:

Pay and Display: Setting up your own pay and display system is easy and can be managed through a third party provider who will also manage the situation, which means the income you generate will be mostly passing and not require your input. Many of these third party providers will also install cameras and other equipment to ensure the safety of your car park users. Alternatively, you can look into purchasing your own machines, however, it will be your responsibility to maintain them.

Ticketing booth: Perhaps a more simple option for some is to have a ticket booth installed at the entrance. The downside is that this will need to be manned which creates an expenditure in wages, unless you’re willing it do it yourself.

Other considerations

Once everything else is in place you will want to think about the different insurances you may require to limit any potential liability and fulfil legal obligations. These can include public liability insurance, premises insurance and employee liability insurance (if you have anyone directly working on the car park).

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