4 Reasons Roads Need Regular Maintenance


We don’t need to state the obvious and tell you how important roads are, they’re critical for transport and economy as well as a number of other things. Whether a road is private or public it’s crucial that it isn’t allowed to fall into disrepair for a number of reasons, including:

#1 – Accident Prevention

There are literally thousands of accidents each year, all caused for many different reasons. However, the condition of a road can be a major factor in preventing accidents from occurring. A well-maintained road is much less likely to be the source of an accident.

#2 – Drainage

If a road is allowing water to sit on it this can be another major hazard. Aquaplaning is when a car hits a puddle of water and veers of course, it’s responsible for many accidents each year. If a road is no longer draining correctly then it is prone to collecting water.

#3 – Damage

Potholes and loose materials can easily cause damage to vehicles. Tyres and wheels ruined by large potholes and windshields cracked by loose debris from the car in front are two common problems. If the road is public then the local council may be liable to pay for any damage, if it’s private however the cost may fall to the owner.

#4 – Curb Appeal

If a badly maintained road is part of a residential area it can begin to affect the value of the properties around it. Of course, this can be an issue if it’s a public road that you are not responsible for, in which case it’s time to contact your local council.

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