Here’s how effective project management can minimise downtime


At M J Davidson, we are often contracted as project managers for a wide range of large-scale jobs. Understandably, many of our clients want to minimise their downtime as we all know, time is money. Over the years we’ve learned a variety of ways to help our clients stay up and running for as long as possible and intelligently ensure they feel the impact as little as possible.

Staged approach

We often take a staged approach to projects, especially if it means we can keep crucial parts of our clients’ business up and running. If we were to start everything at once it can mean that the business is 100% down for a period of time which often leads to more lost profits.

Intelligent planning

We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs so that we can effectively plan how best to minimise disruptions to it. Often we find that there is something that proves helpful that neither ourselves or the client would have known otherwise. Whether it’s a particularly busy day they have or a need for a certain space in their property at a certain time.


Sometimes it’s hard to prioritise parts of a job, but if we can then it’s sometimes effective for us to choose parts of a job that will allow our clients business to get up and running quicker. It might be an area of the building we need to focus on first or a particular problem that we can solve to ensure they can work more effectively.

Flexible working

On occasion, it’s necessary for us to work certain hours or days to minimise disruption and ensure our clients are up and working. Schools are a prime example, where we may have to limit works to weekends, evening and during school holidays. It’s all part of ensuring we always provide the highest quality of service and our clients are satisfied with the work we complete.

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