The Importance of Regular Car Park Maintenance

If you or your business is responsible for the running of a car park, it’s essential that you carry out maintenance works from time to time to ensure that you are offering your customers and visitors the best possible place to leave their cars. Here are our top reasons for maintaining your car park:

#1 – To avoid accidents

Quite often we see the paint markings in car parks become faded and sometimes completely unreadable. This may not seem like a serious issue, but without clearly laid out markings the risk of accident occurring is increased.

We’re not just talking about car accidents either. If the surface of your car park has cracks or potholes it becomes very easy for a visitor to fall and hurt themselves which may leave you liable should they decide to make a claim.


#2 – To avoid property damage

When the surface of a car park becomes less stable the chances of a car, or other property, being damaged becomes a possibility. The two most common causes of this are potholes, which can damage tyres and suspension and debris, which can lead to scraped paintwork and chipped windscreens.

Again, it is possible that as the owner of the car park you may be liable for any damage that occurs.


#3 – Appearances

If your car park is part of your business then the way it looks reflects directly on your business. A well maintained, neat car park is surely going to look better than a poorly looked after, scruffy looking one.

On many occasions, the car park is actually the first impression for your customers/visitors, why wouldn’t you want to make it a good one?

M J Davidson provide a full range of car park maintenance, refurbishment and construction services and we have a number of happy clients to stand testament to the quality of our work. We recently completed an extensive car park installation project for Lancaster NHS Hospital, see it here.

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