5 sports that can be played on artificial pitches


Artificial sports surfaces, also known as all-weather sports pitches, have a lot of benefits. The clue is in the title but the major one is that they can be utilised all year round without fear of being bogged down in mud. A popular choice for schools, colleges and university’s due to their versatility and the requirement to keep classes going year round.

Here are 5 sports that can be played year round on an artificial sports pitch:


With the addition of a retractable net and the appropriate line markings, all weather sports pitches are a popular choice for tennis. The simulated grass is the perfect surface for a tennis game.

Football (5-6 aside)

One of the most common uses for all-weather sports pitches. You can use small removable nets, or have them built into the pitch itself.


A popular one on the British school syllabus. An artificial 3G sports pitch provides the perfect, safe surface for field hockey games.



Again, nets can be built into the pitch design, or removable ones can be used to play basketball, another sport that often falls into the British schools P.E. syllabus and is gaining popularity in the UK.


Similar to its American cousin listed above, netball is a doddle on a 3G artificial sports surface. Simply add nets and you’re away.  The perfect alternative to a concrete yard.

All weather sports pitches can be used for a wide range of other sports too. They’re the perfect addition to schools, colleges and leisure centres that want to keep their sports going no matter the weather. MJ Davidson has experience in constructing state-of-the-art sports pitches for a wide variety of uses. See two of our past projects at Ashbridge School and Hutton Grammar School.

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