4 signs of bad drainage and how you can prevent damage


Drainage can be an issue for many properties and grounds, especially in the UK where we often see heavy rainfall! It’s important to ensure that any drainage issues are fixed quickly because if they’re left too long it can cost a lot more money to rectify. The first step is being able to identify when drainage is failing so you can react quickly. Drainage can be far more costly if it’s allowed to damage your property or land too much.

Here are 4 signs that your drainage isn’t as effective as it should be:

#1 – Overflowing gutters

If your gutters are overflowing during rainfall then this can be one of the first signs of bad drainage and potentially the cause of any damage. This problem often occurs during Autumn or Winter when leaves and debris are more likely to become lodged in the gutter and reduce the steady flow and stop rainwater from draining effectively. This can cause damage and rot to your property over time should the rainwater start to find its way into the foundations.

#2 – Standing water, puddles and overly wet areas

If you find that there is standing water in your garden or grounds for a long while after heavy rainfall, that’s a surefire sign that there is a drainage issue at your property. When water can’t drain effectively it tends to find its way to places you don’t want it to be and lead to property and land becoming damaged or ruined. Should you see standing water pooling anywhere on your property we would highly recommend seeking the help of a professional immediately. It will save you time and money in the long run.

#3 – Water in the property

If water is finding its way into your property then it’s a potential drainage issue. As we previously mentioned, when water can’t drain properly it always finds its way somewhere, usually where you don’t want it. This is especially noticeable if your property has a basement. Again, it’s worth seeking professional help and not leaving it too long should this start to happen.

#4 – Cracks in the foundations

We saved the worst for last. The majority of the time cracks will start to appear in foundations as a result of water getting where it shouldn’t be, the root cause of which is usually poor drainage. Foundation work can be expensive, but if it’s left at this stage then it could potentially lead to more costly issues or even the building starting to sink, the worst case of which is for it to become inhabitable.

If you have noticed any of these signs and you feel your property may have bad drainage. At M J Davidson we’re experts in drainage projects and can help to ensure the rainwater at your property flows where it should! Give us a call on 01772 616640, email us on enquiries@mjdavidson.co.uk or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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