Building Yard Safety: Resurfacing


There are a lot of things that can go wrong on an improperly kept building yard and as an employer you are legally obliged to provide a safe working environment. One such issue can be when the surface of the yard becomes potholed and uneven.

Typical building yards take a hell of a hammering over the years. Heavy machinery and equipment, as well as building materials and heavy foot traffic, can lead to them becoming unstable and dangerous. Here are just two issues that can arise from an unstable surface in a building yard:

Trip Hazard

Potholes and cracks can easily lead to your employees tripping and potentially hurting themselves. Not only does this mean you could end up without that employee for a while, you could also be liable for any damage should they decide to make a claim.

Equipment and Machinery Damage

Improperly kept building yards can lead to the damage of expensive equipment and machinery or even the loss of materials that have fallen on the uneven surfaces. This could start to affect your profit margin should you need to replace any broken equipment or materials.


A properly surfaced yard can provide a number of benefits, not least of which is improved safety. A smooth, even surface that has the correct specifications will enable you to run your yard more efficiently and store valuable materials safely.


MJ Davidson has extensive experience in resurfacing building yards, including this project for C&W Berry, where their recently acquired brickyard was made of worn out tarmac that was in urgent need of resurfacing. Call us on 01772 616640 or email to get a quote for your yard today.