C&W Berry Ltd

Leyland, Lancashire

We were tasked to construct a new brickyard for C&W Berry. The client had recently acquired the yard, which was made up of out-of-life tarmac and concrete with steep falls. The yard was to tie into their existing yard with falls no greater than 2% for safe stacking of bricks and working of forklifts.

We project managed the job from commencement, through excavation and installation, to completion all whilst the warehouse was still in use.

  • We removed 1,200 square meters, which equated to 400 tonnes, of old concrete flooring in a timber warehouse.
  • In place of the old surface we installed a new, concrete flooring system in the warehouse.
  • Excavation was also needed inside and a further 600 tonnes of spoil was removed.
  • We relayed the concrete slab to create a new sub-base.
  • After importing 800 cubic metres of MOT Type 1 stone to create formation level, we then laid 200 mm of thick, reinforced concrete, with a brush finish, over an area of 3,000 square metres.
  • We also installed over 100 meters of ductings, a oil interceptor and a sewer connection.
  • The entire job was done in stages whilst still in use to minimise disruption and ensure the business could still function efficiently.

Services used on this project include:

We're highly impressed with M J Davidson and their ability to deliver a high standard solution which has met our requirements perfectly. We were still able to function efficiently whilst the work on the new brickyard was taking place which was a key factor for us. They have been easy to deal with from start to finish and their customer service is second to none. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again in the future.

Graham Parker
Director of Operations