Keeping construction costs as low as possible


When undertaking a new construction process it’s understandable that you would want to keep the costs as low as possible whilst achieving the best results. As a business, at MJ Davidson we always do everything we can to ensure works are carried out to a high quality within our client’s budget. There are a few things that can be done to ensure your costs stay as low as possible though:

Use as few contractors as possible

It can be tempting to have every aspect of a project costed up by separate firms. However, this not only leads to problems on site as contractors need to coordinate to ensure the timeline is upheld, it can also mean you end up paying a premium and not benefitting from any discounts for larger scale projects.

Of course, it’s always worth shopping around, but you will often find that the more aspects of a construction project that can be undertaken by one firm, the cheaper it becomes. This is for a few reasons:

  • Travel costs that are factored in are done multiple times by separate firms.
  • Materials can often be sourced at better prices when done in bulk.
  • You may benefit from discounts due to a larger scale project.

Recycle and reuse wherever possible

As is often the case on construction sites there are materials that end up in the landfill that could have been reused to help reduce costs. This varies massively, but rubble that’s been cleared can sometimes be reused as aggregates to help minimise costs. We wouldn’t ever recommend using inferior materials just to save money or recycling for the sake of it, but it’s worth ensuring all useful materials are recycled.

Be as clear as possible during planning

Some of the most costly aspects of a construction project are when the need to rework unfortunately happens, often due to unclear planning and miscommunication between stakeholders. Eliminate the need for guesswork by being as clear on what you want as possible and ensuring that everything is planned out meticulously. Nobody wants to pay for something to be redone that should be done right the first time. Fortunately, modern technologies and processes are reducing the need to rework!

MJ Davidson can help…

At MJ Davidson, we’re experts at providing high-quality, cost effective construction services. Talk to one of the team to see how we can help you with your next project with your best interest at heart always. We’re a family business so we know the value of providing great services at reasonable costs.

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