The importance of green construction


Environmental sustainability has never been more important than it is right now especially in construction. However, it’s not just the buildings themselves that are being designed to be environmentally friendly, it’s the processes that are used during the construction phase itself.  

Minimising disruption to the surrounding environment

Site clearance is often the first stage of a construction process. It’s also the stage where there is most risk to the surrounding landscape with the potential for pollution to seep into the ground, which can affect the local population, as well as the native animals.

It’s essential that the utmost care is taken during this phase and all work is completed by qualified professionals with experience in site clearance.

Ongoing efficiency

It’s not just about being green during the construction process, it’s also about ensuring that buildings are as energy efficient as possible. This is achieved using the most modern techniques and technologies to assure the ongoing efficiency of the building. This has many benefits, including less impact on the environment as a whole and also reduced running costs or bills.

It may sometimes cost a little bit more to have the most efficient possible building constructed, however, that cost is often offset due to the savings that can be made over the coming years.

Recycling excavated materials

Making the most of materials cleared and excavated can go a long way to helping ensure the greenest possible construction. Reusing excavated materials on the new construction can not only reduce the amount of waste to landfill, it can also reduce the need for HGV’s to remove the waste impacting less on the roads in the area. Finally, it can go a long way to reducing the overall carbon footprint of a project.

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