4 ways MJ Davidson can help to increase the value of your property


If you own a property, whether commercial or residential it’s likely that you will be concerned with its value, especially ways to increase it. MJ Davidson have a range of services that can help to increase value and curb appeal if you’re preparing a property for sale:

#1 – Landscaping

The first thing anybody will see when looking at your property is how it looks from the outside. It could be Buckingham Palace inside but if it looks more like a haunted house outside then chances are it will lower the value and put off potential buyers.

MJ Davidson are specialists in both hard and soft landscaping, which means we’re well placed to help you neaten up the exterior of your property.

#2 – Ensure all concrete and tarmac is fresh and undamaged

Whether it’s a private road or driveway, tarmac and concrete will degrade over time and become cracked and unsightly. Not only that, but it can potentially be damaging to vehicles and poses a potential hazard for pedestrians.

We’re experts in tarmac and concrete installation, ranging from industrial level large-scale projects to smaller one-off jobs.

#3 – Install a car park

Of course, this one is just for commercial properties. If your property has a sizeable amount of lend nearby that could be converted into a car park it can potentially add a great deal of value to the property and your business as a result. Whether it’s for staff or customers a car park becomes an asset to your business that would be included in any valuation.

Over the years we have installed a number of car parks for commercial properties and large-scale residential projects.

Call us on 01772 616640 or email enquiries@mjdavidson.co.uk to discuss your project in detail and see how MJ Davidson can help.