Laser Grading

M J Davidson offers state-of-the-art laser grading services to the North West of England and beyond. This innovative technique allows us to offer our customers a faster, more efficient and highly accurate grading service using the latest technologies available.

By fixing laser transmitters in various positions across the grading site we are able to control the grader automatically using the receivers that are attached it. The grader receives the laser beam from the transmitters and uses this to adjust automatically and maintain a perfectly accurate grade throughout the site.

Laser grading can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Car park construction and installation
  • Preparation for concrete flooring
  • Sports field construction
  • Track construction for various motorsports
  • Equestrian pens and competition areas

For details and advice on laser grading for your own specific project, feel free to call us on 01772 616640 or email us at

Advantages of Laser Grading

Not only does laser grading result in a more accurate grade, it’s also highly efficient and can save significant time on projects and help to reduce costs and labour time. Here are a few more key benefits:

  • It’s fast – Can be up to 70% quicker than using traditional methods
  • It’s accurate – Guaranteed accurate finish every time
  • Less overage or concrete pouring required
  • Reduced labour costs – Quicker overall projects without the need for grade checkers

Quality Assurance

MJ Davidson is a family run business, and as such we know the importance of ensuring that work is always completed to the highest possible standards. We use a skilled and experienced workforce, as well as the most up-to-date machinery and technology to ensure that we provide a quality service, each and every time. After all, our reputation depends on it.

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